Ecosa Mattress Review (2019)

Ecosa Mattress Review (2019)


  • Offers adequate back support

  • Evenly distributes weight

  • Durable and low-maintenance

  • Dense, allowing it to offer solid support and spine alignment

  • Breathable, thanks to its cooling gel

  • Adjustable with its 3 firmness levels


  • Too firm for some users, especially those who prefer a soft mattress

  • Slight odor during the first time you unbox the mattress

  • Does not have the same degree of edge support provided by a coil-spring bed

Are you looking for a high-quality mattress that is firm yet comfortable

Then you may want to check out the Ecosa Mattress. It is gaining popularity these days because of its numerous positive reviews. However, let us first learn about what this mattress can do so you will know whether it fits your needs.

Overall Construction

The Ecosa Mattress can be described as an all-foam mattress constructed out of 3 interchangeable foam layers. It is adjustable, giving you the chance to adjust it based on your preferences. It measures around 10 inches starting from the top to the bottom regardless of the manner through which you stack it.

It has a thin outer cover, which is machine-washable and promotes easy access by letting you zip it off. There is also an inner cover with waterproofing properties. This cover is resistant to dust mites.

Basically, its construction has the following:

  • Eco-Tex – The mattress’ comfort layer is constructed using open cell technology (Eco-Tex). One advantage of this component is that it cuddles your back and contours your natural body shape. It promotes an advanced air system by supporting the structure equipped with pin core holes.
  • G-7 Memory Foam – The mattress also has a layer made of G-7 memory foam material. This specific type of memory foam has gel particles with cooling effects, making it possible to attain your desired temperature stabilization. It also aids in the even distribution of your body weight, further promoting comfort and adequate support. It does so without putting a lot of strain on your pressure points.
  • HD Support Foam – The mattress has a layer composed of an HD support foam, which makes it more breathable. What is great about it is that it considers your body pressures for comfort while promoting long-lasting durability.
  • Soft Touch Cover – The Ecosa mattress also has a removable cover, which is breathable, flexible, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable. It is not only soft to the touch but also allows you to sleep while enjoying its comfort and coolness. This capability makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin and allergies.
  • Interior Protector – This protector is waterproof and made from a breathable German tech fabric. It houses fine and tiny micro-filaments that do not only make it waterproof but also offer protection against dust mites.
  • Fire-resistant Barrier – The mattress also performs well because of the fire-resistant fabric used in it. It does not come with flame-retardant chemicals. What it has, instead, is a woven silica sock, which melts in case of fire. This is helpful in squashing the oxygen needed by fire as fuel.

How Does It Feel?

One notable benefit of the Ecosa Mattress is that it is adjustable, which means that you can make adjustments on its feel and firmness depending on what you prefer. Basically, its feel will be dependent on its innovative construction and on how you specifically arrange it.

Ecosa Mattress

What is unique about the mattress is that it offers a 3-in-1 firmness setting, giving you the support you need, especially for your back. With this design, you can adjust its firmness settings – with your options being firm feel, medium feel, and medium firm feel.

The setting of the mattress upon delivering it to you is medium firm but you can easily change it based on your preferred firmness just by flipping the layers. To get the firm feel, for instance, flipping the support foam in a way that it faces upwards is necessary. This setting makes the mattress springy and dense, allowing it to help stabilize your back the entire night and making it effective in properly aligning your spine.

As for the medium feel, the G-7 memory foam should be facing upwards. The medium firm feel, on the other hand, is attainable by letting the open cell foam layer face up. This is the perfect setting for you in case you want the mattress to contour to your body while providing just the right amount of bounce back.

Who is the Ecosa Mattress for?

The Ecosa Mattress is versatile in the sense that it can cater to the needs of different users. It is perfect for those who want to own a firm mattress that also provides variable feels. It is because of the three firmness settings provided by the mattress. This product is also compatible with the needs of light sleepers due to its exceptional motion isolation.

Anyone who tends to wake up even with just minor inconveniences will start to sleep soundly with the aid of this mattress. It is also ideal for those who are suffering from allergies. It is because of its machine-washable cover that allows you to maintain its cleanliness. The second cover of the mattress is also designed in a way that it prevents dust mites and bacteria-breeding moisture from penetrating inside.

Ecosa Mattress 3 Layer Foam Construction

However, it does not seem to work well for those who wish to own a soft mattress. It is because its softest setting is still firm, which is actually beneficial for those who are in favor of it, like those who sleep on their stomachs.

Is it Worth the Price?

The price of Ecosa Mattress is actually above average but many of its users say that it is worth it considering the quality of its construction. Ecosa also uses their own materials, which ensures the quality of the output. While you might need to pay more for this item, you will also enjoy rewarding benefits such as its nice features and above-average warranty.

Overall Thoughts

If you prefer to sleep in a firm mattress without any motion transfer then the Ecosa Mattress is probably the one you need. One thing that you will most likely enjoy about it is its adjustable firmness. It also allows you to sleep cool considering its breathability. In addition, there is a built-in protector beneath the cover, which eliminates the need to buy one separately. 

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