How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

If you have come to this page then you are probably wondering ‘how do weighted blankets work?

That’s a good question!

The way that weighted blankets work is that they are able to provide you with deep pressure touch stimulation. This is made possible by the added weight of weighted blankets, which is something that is not typically found in most traditional blankets.

You will find that most weighted blankets are typically filled with either polypropylene pellets (plastic) or glass beads.

Weighted blankets are well-known for their ability to ‘hug’ your body, which causes the production of serotonin and endorphins to occur ins. These chemicals play a big role in our ability to feel calm and relaxed.

The calming sensation that is felt through the use of a weighted blanket has been speculated to be beneficial for people who suffer from conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, autism, insomnia, and stress (just to name a few).

People who suffer from these conditions may find it hard to relax, fall asleep, or stay asleep. Weighted blankets have been shown to be safe non-drug therapy option for both teenagers and adults. This means that pretty much anyone will be able to experience the benefits that are associated with weighted blankets.

Deep pressure touch has shown to be marginally effective in lowering the anxiety levels of children. (1) In addition to this, there have also been anecdotal reports that suggest that elderly people may benefit from deep pressure touch if they suffer from dementia or anxiety.

It has also been shown that weighted blankets that weigh more than 10% of a person’s body weight have been effective in lowering electrodermal activity (EDA) and reducing the anxiety levels of individuals who used the weighted blanket. Furthermore, 78% of the individuals who participated in this study preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality. (2)

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