BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket Review (2019)


  • 12 lb weighted blanket
  • Simulates deep touch pressure
  • 3 Different colors to choose from
  • Removable NapSoft cover
  • Machine-washable


Today we will be doing an in-depth review of the BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket.

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. One of the reasons why they are becoming so popular is due to their health benefits becoming more apparent. Weighted blankets have shown that they are able to help people relax and sleep easier, which is incredibly helpful if you are stressed out or suffer from anxiety.

So with that being said, we are very excited to see how well the BrookStone Nap Blanket holds up!

In this review, we will be checking out everything you need to know about this blanket, so you will know whether or not this product is the right one for you.

Let’s get straight into it!


We have included the specifications of the BrookStone Weighted Blanket for you to check out below:

Product Name:Nap Weighted Blanket
Colors:Taupe, Grey, and Ivory
Dimensions:54 x 72 inches (137.2 x 182.9 cm)
Weight:12 lbs (5.44 kg)
Filling:Expanded polystyrene (EPS) pebbles
Cover Material:Nap® fabric
Machine Washable:Yes (outer cover)

Product Video

The Weighted Blanket

Are you someone who works a stressful job? Or maybe you just find it difficult to fall asleep at night. If either of these sounds familiar to you then you may find that a weighted blanket is just the thing you have been looking for.

Thankfully, we have a pretty popular weighted blanket that we are going to check out today!

The first thing I want to mention about the BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket is that it is incredibly soft and comfortable to touch. This will make sure that every night spent with the blanket is a special one.

You may have noticed that the blanket only comes in 1 size, which is a respectable 54 x 72 inches. In addition to this, the blanket also comes in only 1 weight too, which 12 lbs.

Weighted blankets are amazing because they are able to caress your body due to their added weight. This is what separates weighted blankets from traditional blankets that you would normally see around today.

This ‘hugging’ sensation that is felt by weighted blankets makes you feel very calm and relaxed, which is great for when you are trying to sleep.

One of the things I love most about the Nap Weighted Blanket is that the weight of the blanket is spread out evenly across the whole product. This is due to the various stitched sections (baffle boxes) of the blanket that contains the EPS material.


The Nap Weighted Blanket comes in 3 different colors for you to choose from, which are:

  • Taupe
  • Grey
  • Ivory


Taupe Weighted Blanket


Grey Weighted Blanket


Ivory Weighted Blanket

There may not be that many colors to choose from, but I am sure you will be able to find a color that suits you and your home environment.

I am personally a big fan of the grey Nap Weighted Blanket as it looks incredibly sleek, stylish, and sophisticated.

Removable Cover

The Nap Weighted Blanket also comes with a removable cover that is not only incredibly soft, but is also machine-washable too.

This makes washing the blanket incredibly easy!

Simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine on a cold setting. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Just make sure that you don’t use bleach and let the cover line dry when it is done in the washing machine.

What Do Customers Online Think?

So now that we have checked out everything there is to know about the Nap Weighted Blanket it is now time to check out what customers had to say about the product.

Nap Weighted Blanket

The first thing I want to mention was that numerous customers commented on there being a strong plastic smell associated with the blanket. With that being said though, this smell has been reported to disappear after a few days to a week.

This was easily the biggest complaint that customers mentioned about the blanket.

Aside from that negative point though, many customers thought that the blanket was very soft and cozy to use. Many customers also reported that the blanket helped them sleep better (and for longer too!).

Overall, the feedback left by customers online has been mostly very positive, which is a good sign that you will probably enjoy it too.

Final Thoughts

Our review on the BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket has been very short and sweet! But now there is only one question that needs to be asked…

What do we think of the blanket?

Weighted Sleep Blanket

In my opinion, the Nap Weighted Blanket is what I would call a ‘very standard weighted blanket’. It has everything that a good weighted blanket should have, but nothing more.

This is made apparent by the small color selection available and the choice of only 1 size/weight.

So with that being said, if you are on the market for a basic weighted blanket then you should definitely check this one out. Just don’t expect too much customizability associated with the blanket.

In saying that though, this will probably be fine for people who are new to weighted blankets as you probably wouldn’t know what weight is most comfortable for you anyway.

Thanks for checking out our BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket review. We would love to hear what you think about our review, so let us know us know in the comments section below!

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