Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket Review (2019)


  • Custom-made glass bead weighted blanket
  • Wide-range of different colors, sizes, and weights to choose from
  • As seen on NBC’s Parenthood
  • 100% product satisfaction
  • No-hassle returns
  • Made in the USA


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The Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket is a blanket that is designed to provide therapeutic relief to individuals who suffer from autism, as well as developmental and sensory processing disorders.

Weighted blankets are also a great option to consider if you are someone who is frequently stressed or suffers from anxiety. They are very calming due to their ability to ‘hug’ your body while you are underneath the blanket. This is made possible by the added weight found in these types of blankets.

So with that being said, we have a great weighted blanket that we are going to be looking at today!

In this review, we will be checking out everything you need to know about the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket. After you have finished reading this review, you should have a good idea on whether this product is suitable for you or not.


Below are the specifications of the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket:

Brand:Sensory Goods
Product Name:Weighted Blanket
Filling:Glass beads
Age Recommendation:2 years and up
Manufacturer Location:USA (Arizona)

Who Are Sensory Goods?

Before writing this review I had no idea who Sensory Goods was. Thankfully, I have taken some time out of my day to learn about the company behind the product that we are reviewing today.

Sensory Goods is a company that offers a wide range of products that are targeted towards people with developmental disorders. They offer products such as swings, sensory toys, oral motor tools, and of course, weighted blankets.

The company decided to take this direction due to the owner’s two kids having been diagnosed with autism at a young age. This made them want to find a way to help their kids without having to spend a fortune on special products.

I should also mention that they are a company based in the Arizona USA, which means you are supporting local businesses when you shop with Sensory Goods.

That is definitely a good thing in my eyes!

The Weighted Blanket

The first thing I want to mention about the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket is that they are custom-made and come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and weights for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you will definitely be able to find a blanket that is suitable for your body type.

Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket

The Sensory Goods blanket is filled with glass beads that have a consistency similar to sand. These glass beads are what gives the blanket its heavy weight, and are much softer than poly-pellets that are used in many other weighted blankets.

On the topic of weight, the blanket comes in a huge variety of different weights, which range from 4 to 25 lbs. In addition to this, you can also pick from a number of different colors (depending on what style you’re after).

These colors include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Denim
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Purple
  • Forest Green
  • Hot Pink
  • Light Yellow

I am personally a big fan of the navy-colored weighted blanket, but don’t let that swing your decision on what color you are looking for!

Keep in mind that when you choose the weight of your blanket you will want to make sure it is around 12-13% of your current weight. Do not choose a weight that exceeds 15% of your body weight as that could cause some problems.

In case you didn’t know, the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket also made an appearance on NBC’s Parenthood. I wasn’t watching the show at the time, but I am sure it sparked the curiosity of many viewers who tuned in to watch that episode.

Sensory Goods have a 100% product satisfaction guarantee with their weighted blanket. So if that doesn’t get you excited about their blanket then I don’t know what will! The weighted blanket will allow you to fall asleep easier, and sleep for longer periods of time.

When you order the weighted blanket it will be shipped during the next business day. If you find out that you don’t like the blanket after you have received it then Sensory Goods will have no problems letting you return it.


As mentioned before, the blanket comes in a variety of different sizes to choose from. We have listed each of these sizes below for you to check out:

Small48 x 30 inches
Deluxe Small52 x 40 inches
Medium58 x 41 inches
Deluxe Medium66 x 42 inches
Large72 x 42 inches
Deluxe Large76 x 50 inches
Extra Large80 x 58 inches

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or child, you will definitely be able to find a size that will suit you. Keep in mind that this blanket is only suitable for people ages 2 and up.

One customer online mentioned that

What Do Customers Online Think?

Now comes one of the most important parts of the review.

What do customers online think of the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket?

As of writing this review, the blanket is currently sitting at 4.5 stars out of 5, which is very impressive. In addition to this, there have been over 50 customer reviews left on the product. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and summarize what these customers had to say about the blanket.

Several customers commented on how soft and comfortable the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket is. This is exactly what you would want to hear about a blanket that you plan on going to sleep with every night.

One customer comments on how effective the blanket was at reliving their symptoms of depression and PTSD. This means that the blanket isn’t only great for people who suffer from autism, but also from these other conditions too.

The last positive point I want to make was that several customers commented on how good the customer service was from Sensory Goods. I am not sure about you, but this is something that I find to be very important when purchasing a product.

The biggest complaint that I noticed from customers online was that the weight of the blanket was not evenly distributed. This is something you should definitely take into consideration if you are planning on buying this blanket.

Final Thoughts

Phew… I had a great time checking out the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket.

Let me start off by saying that I think this is one of the best weighted blankets out there right now. If you are someone who suffers from autism, anxiety, PTSD, or another similar condition, then this blanket may be very beneficial to you.

If you are looking for a blanket that is incredibly customizable then the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket may be one of the best ones out there right now. You will definitely be able to find a weighted blanket that is perfect for you.

Overall, I highly recommend the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket to anyone who wants to feel the benefits associated with weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are only becoming more popular as the years go on, so there is no better time to jump on the weighted blanket bandwagon than now.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket review. We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback that you would like to share with us!

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