Simba Hybrid Pillow Review (2019)

Simba Hybrid Pillow Review


  • Innovative design
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Originally designed for NASA
  • OUTLAST® & Nanotube technology

Today is a very special day as we will be revealing our Simba Hybrid Pillow review!

For those of you who don’t know, choosing the right pillow to sleep on at night is incredibly important. A good-quality pillow will allow you to sleep easier, and of course, much more comfortably.

So with that being said, we are very excited to be able to check out the hybrid pillow from the guys over at Simba. I have already had a chance to see some of the reviews on the product, so I have some high expectations for it.

Does the Simba Hybrid Pillow live up to the high expectations we have for it?

Well… there’s only one way to find out! Let’s go ahead and get straight into our review on the Simba Hybrid Pillow.


Product Name:Hybrid® Pillow with OUTLAST®
Dimensions:50 x 75 cm
Firmness:Soft, medium-firm, or firm
Inner Material:Memory foam tubes (Nanotube technology)
Outer Cover:OUTLAST® material with duck down
300-thread count jacquard cotton with smart microfibre

Who Is Simba?

Simba is a British company that has developed a variety of different bedroom products and accessories. Some of these products include mattresses, duvets, pillows, bed frames, sheets, and more!

In case you didn’t know, Simba have been around for quite a while now. They started things off back in 1979 with just a single spool of thread, and now this thread is being used in over 50 million mattresses around the world. Simba has even said that there is a high chance the mattress you sleep on at night uses the exact same thread!

Since then they have jumped on the mattress bandwagon, and have now sold well over a million mattresses. Even though they had been incredibly successful with their previous products, they knew they could do even more.

That brings us to the present time, where they now sell a range of different products for you to buy. One of these being their scientifically engineered pillow, which we will be checking out in our review today.

I think it is fair to say that Simba is making massive moves in the sleep industry, and I expect them to continue their exponential growth in the coming years.

The Pillow

The Simba Hybrid pillow is unlike any other pillow I have reviewed before, and that is no joke. Simba has spent over a year creating and perfecting the revolutionary design of their pillow.

Simba was asked to describe their pillow in three words and they said “exceptional sleep innovation.”

Simba Sleep Pillow Review

One of the most interesting things about the Simba Hybrid Pillow is that is was originally designed for NASA (yes that NASA!). I would never have guessed that this pillow was going to be associated with some form of space exploration in the near future. This both amazes me and excites me at the same time.

There are two different sides to the pillow that serve two completely different purposes. On one side you have their OUTLAST® material, which is paired with a soft layer of duck down. This side is there to help regulate the temperature of your body and also provide a soft and luxurious feeling to whoever uses it.

Simba Hybrid Pillow UK

When you flip the pillow over you will find that this side contains jacquard cotton along with smart microfibre. This side is very lightweight and durable and feels very cloud-like when you press your head back on it.

If you are allergic to feathers or down then you should look to avoid this product as it uses both of these materials. You may want to look into purchasing their other pillow instead, which is the Simba Hybrid without OUTLAST® and down.

OUTLAST® Technology

Simba has developed a special type of technology known as OUTLAST®, which they used in the design of their pillow. This technology is designed to help regulate the temperature of your body while you use the product. Not only does this fabric absorb heat, but it also helps to store and release it too.

This means that you will be able to make full use of the Simba Hybrid Pillow all year round. You will find that the pillow will be great for those long hot nights, and cold winter nights too!

I should also mention that this OUTLAST® material was originally intended to protect astronauts during their travels into outer space. I expect this was due to the temperature regulation properties that this material has.

Temperature Regulation

If you have paid attention to the appearance of the pillow then you may have noticed the side panel wrapping around the product. This side panel is there to circulate air around the pillow and to further regulate the temperature of your body.

Nanotube Technology

Nanotube technology is a feature that I have never seen used in a pillow before.

Unlike most memory foam pillows that use a single block of memory foam, the Simba Hybrid Pillow features a tonne of little memory foam tubes. These foam tubes are small in size, and allow the pillow to adapt to the shape of your head while you use it.

There are quite literally hundreds of these little memory foam pellets inside the pillow! I personally love how they make the pillow feel when you press down on it.

Adjustable Height

As we just mentioned, the Simba Hybrid Pillow is filled with a bunch of memory foam tubes. The benefit of these tubes is that you can add or remove some of them to adjust the height of the pillow.

Simba Global Pillows

This means that you can set the pillow to a height that is most comfortable for you, and if that happens to change then you can easily adjust it back.

How Does It Feel?

The thing I love the most about the Simba Hybrid pillow is the fact that you can adjust the firmness of the pillow. I can only think of a few other pillows off the top of my head that allow you to do this so easily.

Simba Pillow

Since I primarily sleep on my side I found that medium-firm worked best for me. I have only had the pillow for a little while, but I can definitely say that the product feels very comfortable and cool. I would have no issues using this pillow for many months to come.

In fact, that is exactly what I plan to do!

Washing the Pillow

Washing the Simba Hybrid is incredibly simple. All you have to do is remove the outer case of the pillow and then place it in the washing machine.

Just be sure to set the washing machine at a temperature of 40°C, and after you have done that you can tumble dry the pillow on a low heat.

It doesn’t get simpler than that really!

What Do Customers Online Think?

We have gone and read through a bunch of different customer reviews on the product. As of writing this review, the Simba Hybrid is sitting at 4.7 stars out of 5, along with more than 1200 reviews associated with it.

It comes as no surprise to me that the pillow has been incredibly well received online by its customers. To be honest, it only takes a couple of minutes reading some of these reviews to see just how much people love it.

A majority of customers have mentioned how comfortable it feels. People also seem to love the fact that you can adjust the firmness of the pillow. If you are someone who is unsure about what kind of firmness suits you best, then this pillow could be a great option for you.

In the end, as long as you can get a nice and comfortable sleep at night then the pillow has done its job.

Final Thoughts

We had so much fun checking out this amazing and innovative pillow. As I mentioned before, I have not seen a pillow quite like this one in the past. Let me just say that I am definitely a big fan of innovation and pushing the boundaries when it comes to new products.

So… let’s get to the juicy part! What do we think of the pillow?

I definitely recommend the Simba Hybrid Pillow to anyone that is looking for something that is very comfortable and cool. In addition to this, if you are someone who would like a pillow where you can adjust the firmness of it, then this might be a great option for you.

Overall, there isn’t much more to say about this pillow. All it takes is a simple Google search to see how well it has been received by customers online. Don’t just take our word for it – see what they say too!

That marks the end of our Simba Hybrid Pillow review! We hope you have learned a thing or two from reading through this review. If you have any questions or comments then don’t forget to leave them down in the comments section below!

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