Sleep Origins YAWN Air Bed Review (2019)


  • Self-inflating air bed
  • 2-in-1 motor for fast inflation & deflation
  • Built-in headboard
  • BONUS carry bag included

Today we have a special surprise for you all.

In this review, we will be checking out everything you need to know about the YAWN Air Bed from Sleep Origins!

The YAWN Air Bed is a self-inflating air bed that features an added headboard.

For those of you who don’t know, inflatable beds are incredibly convenient to have due to their small size when deflated, and also their ability to be inflated whenever you need. They are great for when you have visitors over, or when you just need a spare bed to sleep on.

So with that being said, we are very excited to check out the YAWN Air Bed to see how well the product performs!

There’s only one question on my mind right now… Is this the best air bed around right now?

Well… there’s only one way to find out!


Below are the specifications of the Sleep Origins YAWN Air Bed:

Brand:Sleep Origins
Product Name:Yawn Air Bed
Fabric Type:65% polyester, 35% cotton
Sizes:Single, Double, King
Height:Single: 36 cm
Double/King: 45 cm
Supported Weight:See below
Warranty:1-year warranty

You can find more details on the product here.

The Air Bed

Say goodbye to sleeping on the couch or floor with the YAWN Air Bed!

YAWN Air Bed Features

Before finding out about this product I had never heard of the company behind the product ‘Sleep Origins.’ It always makes me a bit skeptical of the product when I have never heard of the brand name before, but I always try to keep an open mind.

Surprisingly enough, Sleep Origins have a pretty decent following on their Facebook page, which is always a good indication of what you can expect from their products.


The first thing I want to mention is that the YAWN Air Bed is self-inflating.

YAWN Air Bed Built-In Motor Pump

The bed features a built-in motor that can not only inflate the bed, but it can also deflate the bed too. One of the things I love most about this bed is that it can do both of these things in less than 5 minutes, which means you can spend more time getting ready for bed and less time worrying about having to pump up the bed yourself.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to inflate this bed without using the built-in motor, which means you will need to have a power source nearby.

Comfort & Support

40 Independent Structures

The YAWN Air Bed supports your body through its multi-pillar design.

The king-sized version of the bed features 40 independent pillars of air that support your body while you sleep. This design works incredibly well if you plan on sleeping with your partner as moving throughout the night will not interfere with their sleep.

I think it is safe to say that your partner will love you even more for this!

Built-In Headboard

Unlike most inflatable mattresses, the YAWN Air Bed features an in-built headboard to help increase the appearance of the product.

I personally think it would look better without the headboard, but I am sure many people would find this to be a great addition to the bed.

In the end, I guess the headboard will help stop your pillows from falling off the bed during the night, which is always a plus! No one likes waking up to find their pillows on the floor.

Raised Rim

You may have also noticed that the bed features a raised rim to prevent you or your partner from slipping off of the bed at night.

While I do not think this feature was completely necessary, I do admire the attention to detail that Sleep Origins have taken with the design of their air bed.


One thing I do have to mention is that the bed sits up pretty high from the ground. This height will depend on the size of bed that you order.

YAWN Air Bed Height

The single-sized bed sits 36 cm from the ground, while the king-sized bed sits around 45 cm from the ground.

Both of these sizes are high enough for you to not struggle to get down on. This is great for elderly people, or people with impaired movement. Another good thing about the height of the bed is that it is high enough to stop insects and bugs from making their way up.

Let’s be honest… no one wants that to happen during the night (especially me!).

Easy Storage

Deflating the air bed after you have finished using it is a breeze – thanks to the built-in 2-in-1 motor!

After you have finished deflating your bed you can easily fold it up and store it away in the included carry bag that comes with the product. This makes storing and transporting the bed around with you incredibly easy.

If you want to take the YAWN Air Bed with you to a friends house, or take on a camping trip, then you will have no problem doing so.

The single bed comes to approximately 38 x 18 x 35 cm when deflated and folded up inside the carry bag.


Below are the dimensions of each size of YAWN Air Bed (single, double, and king):

SizeDimensions (Inflated)Supported Weight
Single208 x 90 x 36 cm125 kg
Double 216 x 135 x 45 cm200 kg
King216 x 152 x 45 cm250 kg


What Do Customers Online Think?

Now that we have checked out everything there is to know about the YAWN Air Bed, let’s go ahead and check out what customers online think of the product!

There is no better way to check the quality of a product than to hear what the customers have to say about it.

So with that being said, what do the customers think about the YAWN Air Bed?

Let me start off by saying that we used two different sources for this section of our review, which were Amazon and the High Street TV website.

A majority of customers on both of these websites were thoroughly satisfied with their purchase of the YAWN Air Bed, although there were a few complaints.

Several customers had punctured their air bed pretty early on, which caused them to be pretty upset with their purchase (which is definitely understandable). I would suggest that you be very careful with the air bed to avoid any punctures or tears in the material of the product.

In addition to this complaint, a few other customers also mentioned that the bed would not stay inflated overnight. It is possible that these customers have received defective units as this should not occur. If this happens to you then you should contact the manufacturer and explain your situation to them.

Overall, many people thought that the YAWN Air Bed was comfortable, supportive, and a great-sized inflatable bed.

If you would like to know more then please visit either Amazon or the High Street TV website.

Final Thoughts

Phew… what a fun review!

Now it is time to give our final thoughts on the YAWN Air Bed and let you know if this inflatable bed is worth buying or not.

Let me start off by saying that I think this air bed is a terrific product.

YAWN Air Bed Double

If you plan on having visitors stay over, or just want a spare bed for either you or one of your kids to sleep on, then investing in an air bed is a great idea.

The YAWN Air Bed has almost everything you could want out of an inflatable bed. It is self-inflatable, comfortable, supportive, easy to set up, and incredibly portable.

The only thing that I don’t really like about the product is that you need to be close to a power source in order to inflate the bed. This means that you cannot inflate the bed if you want to sleep outside or go camping, which is one of the things that makes having an inflatable bed so great.

Overall though I am very impressed with the YAWN Air Bed, and I definitely recommend all of our readers to go and check it out. You will not be disapointed!

That is the end of our YAWN Air Bed review – we hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any questions or comments then leave them down in the comments section below for us to answer.

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