The 7 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Reviews (2019)

The 7 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Reviews (2019)

If you are an adult who is currently looking to try out a weighted blanket for the first time, or maybe you are just looking to upgrade your current blanket, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular due to some of the health benefits that are associated with them. In fact, several scientific studies have been performed in order to validate some of these claims.

If you are someone who struggles to get to sleep due to things such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, or autism, then you may benefit a lot from a weighted blanket.

In this article, we will be listing all of the best weighted blankets for adults around right now, so you can decide whether or not you want to take the plunge and purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

The 7 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults

1. YnM Weighted Blanket

Unsurprisingly, the YnM Weighted Blanket makes the very top of our list. This blanket is not only one of the best selling weighted blankets on Amazon at the moment, but it has also been incredibly well received by a large majority of customers online.

The first thing I want to mention about the YnM Weighted Blanket is that there are 7 different layers that make up the blanket. You will also find that this blanket is filled with tiny glass beads, which is what gives the blanket its added weight.

The blanket comes in a variety of different weights to choose from, which range from 5 lbs all the way up to 25 lbs. You will almost certainly be able to find a weight that is suitable for your body type.

In addition to all of these things, the blanket has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee associated with it. So if you somehow damage the blanket within the first 3 years of owning it then YnM will happily repair it for you, free of charge.

In saying that though, you will have to pay for shipping if you want to have the blanket repaired during this time. That is a small price to pay for a free repair though.

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2. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Coming in at a respectable second place on our list of the best weighted blankets for adults is the ZonLi Weighted Blanket. This 100% natural cotton weighted blanket comes in a wide range of different sizes, weights, and colors for you to choose from.

The lightest ZonLi Weighted Blanket you can buy is 5 lbs while the heaviest is 25 lbs. Much like the YnM Weighted Blanket, this blanket is also filled with tiny glass beads that allow the product to ‘hug’ your body while you lay underneath it.

You will also find that this blanket is machine-washable, so maintenance of the blanket is incredibly simple, and easy. Many customers online have really enjoyed using the ZonLi Weighted Blanket after purchasing it, which is a good sign that you will probably enjoy using it too.

This blanket is definitely suitable for adults as the age recommendation of this product is 5 years and older.

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3. Magic Weighted Blanket

The Magic Weighted Blanket is manufactured in the USA and comes in 5 fabric options for you to choose from. These fabrics are chenille, minky, cooling cotton, fleece, and waterproof.

In addition to this, the company behind the product also allow you to design your own custom-made weighted blanket using whatever materials you fancy. This means you will be able to order a blanket that is tailored to towards your specific needs, so you can have the most comfortable blanket possible.

Unlike many other weighted blankets, the Magic Weighted Blanket is filled with polypropylene pellets, which are spread out evenly across the whole blanket. You will find that many weighted blankets use glass beads to add weight to their blanket, but they can sometimes be hazardous if they somehow manage to work their way out.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Magic Weighted Blanket then simply return the product within the first 10 days of receiving the product to receive a full refund on your purchase of the blanket.

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4. Gravity Weighted Blanket

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but we have pulled the Gravity Weighted Blanket down to the 4th position on our list.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket is filled with polypropylene pellet that was developed using research involving weighted blankets. The company behind this blanket believes that their blanket will be able to help you relax easier and also reduce your body movement during the night.

This blanket comes in 3 different weights, which are 15, 20, and 25 lbs. In addition to this, you can choose between 3 different colors. If you are not a fan of the standard Space Grey look, then you can go for Galaxy Blue or Moon Ivory.

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable weighted blanket then this blanket may be the one you are looking for. The Gravity Weighted Blanket features a soft microfiber duvet cover that is sure to help you sleep better. In addition to this, the cover is machine-washable and can be removed to make cleaning the blanket incredibly simple.

One of the downsides of this blanket is that it only comes in one size, which is 72 x 48 inches. This size may be too big for smaller-sized people, so be sure to keep this in mind if you are looking to purchase this blanket.

The last thing I want to mention is that Gravity offers free shipping with their weighted blanket. So you can spend less time worrying about postage fees, and more time thinking about how you are going to use your new weighted blanket before it arrives.

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5. Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket

One of the most unique things about Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket is that it was developed by neurologist Dr. Karen Hart. This woman was a former officer who worked for the U.S. Army Medical Corps with years of experience in this field.

Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket is another blanket that only comes in 1 size, which is 60 x 80 inches. The most important thing you need to consider when purchasing this blanket is deciding how heavy you want the product to be.

There are 3 different weights that you can choose from, which are 15, 20, and 25 lbs.

Another thing I want to mention is that the blanket is made out of 100% organic cotton. You will find that the blanket is incredibly easy to wash as it comes with a removable micro plush fabric duvet that is machine-washable.

Many customers online have commented on commented on how much they enjoy using Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket. When you have that many people saying the same thing then you know this is a product that deserves to be on our list of the best weighted blankets for adults.

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6. BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket

The BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket is 12 lbs blanket that is 54 x 72 inches in size. It comes in 3 different colors for you to choose from, which includes taupe, grey, and ivory.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) pebbles are used to fill the inside of this blanket to bring it up to 12 lbs. One thing that I should mention about this blanket is that is features a cover that is constructed with Nap® fabric. Furthermore, this cover is machine-washable so even the Fathers out there will be able to wash this blanket after it has had some use.

If you are looking for a basic weighted blanket that won’t make you decide on how big you want it, or how heavy it is, then the BrookStone Nap Weighted Blanket could be right up your alley.

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7. Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket

The last product on our list of the best weighted blankets for adults is the Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket. If you have ever watched the TV show ‘Parenthood’ then you may have seen this blanket make an appearance on one of their episodes.

This is another blanket that gives you a huge amount of options to choose from when it comes to the color, size, and weight of the product. In total, there are 12 different colors for you to choose from. Talk about choice…

The Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket comes in 7 different sizes and a variety of different weights ranging from 4 to 25 lbs. So with that being said, you are almost guaranteed to find a blanket that will be perfect for you.

One of the best things about this blanket is that it comes with a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. In addition to this, the company behind the product offers hassle-free returns with their blanket if you end up not liking it.

Returning the blanket is incredibly easy as Sensory Goods are a company based in the USA, so you will be dealing with a local company. There’s nothing better than supporting local businesses when buying products that will also benefit you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

As the name suggests, weighted blankets are heavier than traditional blankets that you normally see around. The added weight of these blankets is meant to simulate a ‘hug’ to make you feel calmer, safer, and more relaxed.

Many people believe that weighted blankets are able to help patients with autism, anxiety, and stress, just to name a few. In saying that though, there has not been a lot of research involving weighted blankets in the past, so it is difficult to verify the integrity of these claims.

What Are Weighted Blankets Used For?

Weighted blankets are primarily designed to help people of almost all ages relax and sleep better at night. Many people believe that weighted blankets can help with health-related problems such as:

  • Insomnia
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Sensory Disorders
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Furthermore, if you are someone who is stressed out, or has issues sleeping, then you may benefit a lot from using a weighted blanket.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe?

One important question you may be asking yourself is “are weighted blankets safe?”

The general consensus online is that weighted blankets are safe to use. In saying that though, you will often find that weighted blankets have a recommended age range associated with them. Usually, this is around 3 years of age and above.

There have been two deaths associated with the misuse of weighted blankets. The first case involved a 9-year-old boy from Quebec who had autism, and the second case involved a 7-month-old who was found passed away in his crib.

One of the biggest things you should be concerned about when choosing a weighted blanket is the weight of the blanket. You will want to purchase a blanket that is around 10% of your current body weight + 1 lb. This is not only the safest choice, but it is also the most comfortable option too.

Another thing you will also want to consider is the size of the weighted blanket. You do not want to choose a blanket that is either too big or too small for your body size. Keep in mind that weighted blankets are not meant to fall over the sides of your bed like an ordinary blanket.

If you have any concerns about the safety of a weighted blanket you are planning on purchasing then you should consult the manufacturer of the product. They will be able to inform you of the correct blanket size and weight for your body type.

Are Weighted Blankets Good for Anxiety?

A study conducted in 2008 found that 63% of individuals who participated in the study reported having less anxiety while using a 30 lbs weighted blanket. There was a total of 32 adults who participated in this study that was published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health.

This is the only scientific study that validates the effectiveness of weighted blankets in helping adults with anxiety.

There have been many instances online of people who have said that using a weighted blanket helped lower their anxiety. In my opinion, if you are sitting on the fence about buying a weighted blanket then you should just give one a go and see for yourself.

The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t end up enjoying it, and then you have and earned yourself an expensive rag (heh).

Are Weighted Blankets Washable?

Most weighted blankets will come with a removable cover that will allow you to wash the blanket. This will ultimately depend on which product you purchase, so make sure you look at the instructions of the blanket before you intend on washing it.

Why are Weighted Blankets so Expensive?

You may have noticed that weighted blankets are way more expensive than regular blankets that you would find on the shelves of your local convenience store.

Not all weighted blankets are made the same, so it is hard to generalize the price of these products.


One of the most costly components involved with the construction of weighted blankets is the material that is used to fill the product.

The two most common materials used to fill the inside of a weighted blanket are glass beads and polypropylene pellets (plastic). These materials play an important role in the way weighted blankets work as they are responsible for providing weight to the blanket.


When you purchase a weighted blanket you should try to find one that is made with high-quality fabric. This will set you back a bit more money, but it will be worth it in the long run as the blanket should last longer and be less prone to damage.


Most high-quality weighted blankets are hand-made from scratch. If you have ever made a weighted blanket before then you would know that it takes quite a bit of time to have it finished. I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay someone to make sure the blanket is made correctly.

These are 3 of the reasons why weighted blankets are so expensive. It takes quite a bit of time and energy to construct a high-quality weighted blanket for someone to use.

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